Humon Hex

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Lowell Running, LLC athletes can now enjoy an exclusive 10 % discount on the purchase of the world’s first clinically validated wearable for athletes that measures oxygen levels: The Humon Hex is produced by humon – an MIT Sloan research project started on the premise that technology and biology are on a collision course. The result intersection has created the next generation of sensors and products allowing users to understand more about their own bodies and as a result, be better selves. The first product created by humon is the Humon Hex which enables athletes to identify their limit in real time and prescribe the perfect pace/workout intensities.

Generally speaking some athletes may have a sense of how hard to push themselves in training, but they’re never really quite accurate. The Humon Hex essentially puts a numerical value on exactly how hard athletes can push their limits without breaking down thus providing an optimal training input that improves performance. For endurance athletes, especially distance runners, this is a critical tool in helping maintain the right equilibrium of stress and recovery ” – Coach Ruben Sança  

Oxygen is fuel needed by the muscles for energy. Monitoring oxygen in the muscles is the best physiological indicator of an athlete’s exertion.” – Ato Boldon, 4x Olympic Medal Sprinter

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