Standard Plans

This is a month-to-month option structured around the athlete’s overall goals. Athletes can download their entire schedule to a mobile device. Using Final Surge log in, we will be able to link your training plan to your profile. Coaches are able to interact with athletes through their training log for answering questions or making comments on any workouts.

Weekly individualized coaching schedule, training analysis and direct feedback on workouts

Unlimited adjustments to schedule based on your personal needs

Daily workout reminders via text message and/or emails

Access to Lowell Running resource library

Access to Final Surge app and third party training schedule via your phone’s calendar

Access to training log via

Optional printable PDF version of your training schedule

Goal setting and race strategy formulation

Customer service/support through Lowell Running

Discounts to a variety of our partners (footwear, apparel, massage etc)

Don’t know where to begin?

 Contact us and we’ll help you decide whether a Standard Training Plan is right for you!

This option allows our merchant to charge automatic $119 monthly payments to your credit card each month. There are no cancellation fees. However, we do encourage you to read our Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy pages for additional information. Questions or concerns  can be submitted via our Contact page.

Item: 1 Month of Coaching

Quantity: Automatic Monthly Payments

Price: $119


First Time Online Coaching:

“My biggest fear of choosing online coaching was the fear of getting a general training program that I could find in a Runner’s World Magazine or some random website. Luckily my fear did not come true. I got training that was geared specifically to my current fitness, developed areas that I was weak in, and helped me to achieve small goals while working up to my main goal.”

On the Technology We Use:

“My favorite part about using Lowell Running online is all of the technology behind it. Having my daily workout emailed to me was a convenience. Also the ability to see my weekly mileage and compare workouts, paces, see cadences, heart rates etc.”

Lowell Running

About Lowell Running, LLC – Lowell Running Company is a full service professional coaching firm specializing in individual and group training for runners. The mission of Lowell Running Company is to provide easily accessible, affordable and quality training programs that can be customized to fit each runner’s needs. The company provides a variety of coaching services to individuals such as: Standard Coaching Plans, Coaching Consultations, Private In-Person Coaching as well as Ready-Made Training Plans. In addition, Lowell Running Company also provides business-to-business services to road race management firms looking to add professional coaching services and running clinics as add-on features to their event registrations.