Private Plans

Private Training Plan

This is our gold standard in coaching. This plan offers individualized coaching and private one-on-one evaluations. Please contact us directly for a quote that meets your needs.


  • Daily workout reminders
  • Coaching Guidelines included in your training plan
  • Access to Lowell Running resource library
  • The Final-Surge app for your workout plan on-the-go
  • Training plan sign-in access via
  • Printable version option for your training plan
  • Automatic Payment or Invoicing option available
  • Customer service/ troubleshooting support through Lowell Running
  • Goal Setting prior to schedule completion
  • Running form evaluation
  • A completely custom-made schedule based on your needs and personal schedule
  • Unlimited emails/texts to coaches, higher level of interaction
  • One-on-one private coaching (30 miles max)
  • Additional features can be added to fit your needs

Why we recommend Private Plans?

All runners are different and not all training structures can work for everyone.  This plan allows the coach to dig deep and analyse every aspect of the athletes training and lifestyle to make adjustments that can be beneficial both in the short and long term. This plan also gives the athletes the flexibility to add or request any additional features that may not be included in other training plans.

Contact Us 

Contact us at [email protected] for a free, no obligation quote.

About Lowell Running, LLC – Lowell Running Company is a full service professional coaching firm specializing in individual and group training for runners. The mission of Lowell Running Company is to provide easily accessible, affordable and quality training programs that can be customized to fit each runner’s needs. The company provides a variety of coaching services to individuals such as: Standard Coaching Plans, Coaching Consultations, Private In-Person Coaching as well as Ready-Made Training Plans. In addition, Lowell Running Company also provides business-to-business services to road race management firms looking to add professional coaching services and running clinics as add-on features to their event registrations.