Starter Kit

Hello and Welcome to Lowell Running!

After a subscription form is submitted online, here’s what to do next:

  1. Click on the invitation link that was sent to your email to create a Final Surge Account.
  2. After you log in to Final Surge, click on Profile & Settings to accept the coaching invitation and set your profile.
  3. Link your Garmin (or any other GPS watch) to your Final Surge Training Log, steps HERE . If you don’t have a GPS watch, you have the option to do manual upload to your log.
  4. Link your Final Surge to your personal iPhone Calendar or any other calendar you decide to use, steps HERE.
  5. Download the Final Surge app from the Apple Store HERE or from the Google Store HERE.
  6. Complete the Background and Goals Form HERE.
  7. Complete the Liability Waiver HERE.

After these 7 steps have been completed, please allow another 24-48 hrs for our team to analyze your past running background and review your upcoming goals before we can upload your training to your calendar.

You will be able to view your scheduled training log in several ways:

  • From your own phone’s third party calendar.
  • From logging in to our Lowell Running website: 
  • From daily email or text message reminders about your training for the current and next day, with full workout descriptions (choose your preferences in Settings).
  • From the Final Surge app downloaded to your phone.

Our Lowell Running coaches will be able to see every mile, split, heart rate and cadence of your training instantly! This will allow us to better monitor your training and provide you with direct feedback.

Additional information you might find useful:

  • Upcoming Lowell Running Clinics HERE.
  • Our Community Message Board HERE.
  • 20% Discount on Massage Therapy HERE.
  • Lowell Running Branded Products HERE.

To access this Starter Kit from our website, please visit:

Let us know if you have any questions by contacting us directly to or visiting

We look forward to working with you!

Lowell Running

About Lowell Running, LLC – Lowell Running was founded in 2016 by Olympian and 2:18 Marathoner Ruben Sança. The company’s mission is to provide accessible and affordable quality training programs to groups and individuals competing in road races. Lowell Running looks to eliminate the guessing out of training by using proven training methods, the latest technology available and help from experienced coaches. Lowell Running aims to create a community full of resourceful information that can lead to lifelong sustainable running.

About Ruben Sança – Founder & Owner of Lowell Running, LLC
Running Experience: 18 years
UMass Lowell (MBA)
Marathon Best: 2 Hours 18 Minutes
Half Marathon Best: 65 Minutes 24 Seconds
Olympic Games (2012)
Top 25 overall at Boston Marathon (2014, 2015)
Top 50 I.A.A.F. World Championship Marathon (2011)
NCAA All American 5k, 10k , Cross Country