Coaching Consultation
The consultation report was fantastic!  I am so looking forward to making changes to improve my running overall.  In the treadmill, I’ve been consciously making an effort to practice on my shoulder and arm swings and surprisingly I feel that I am getting propelled forward!  Again, many thanks,  I learned so much in just our one hour session and more so from your report. 

– Maria M. (Training for her first marathon at age 60 – Acton, MA)

Standard Online Coaching
I was just getting back into distance running after about five years away when I had reached out to Ruben about his online coaching program and honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep up. I however have exceeded some of the goals and have surprised myself along the way. I love having my workouts available to me each day, Ruben is responsive with answers to any questions I may have – he checks in and makes sure runs are going okay and I am feeling well. The workouts that are given to me change each week, and are challenging I enjoy seeing the progress that I am making with each and every workout. I highly recommend Lowell Running to anyone that asks me about my running or a coach for any goals that they may want to work towards. Each workout is individualized and Ruben stays patient when unexpected injuries may occur during training. Ruben switched my entire workout schedule around to make sure that I could still train when I was unable to run for a short time whether it was in the pool, ARC/Elliptical, or Bike. I couldn’t be more happy with the option that I have chosen for coaching and getting me to my current running fitness and can’t wait to see how much further I continue to go.

– Maggie B. (Training for a BQ – Chelmsford, MA)

Standard Online Coaching
My biggest fear of choosing online coaching was the fear of getting a general training program that I could find in a Runners World Magazine or some random website. Luckily my fear did not come true. I got training that was geared specifically to my current fitness, developed areas that I was weak in, and helped me to achieve small goals while working up to my main goal. My favorite part about using Lowell Running online is all of the technology behind it. Having my daily workout emailed to me was a convenience. Also the ability to see my weekly mileage and compare workouts, paces, see cadences, heart rates etc. I would definitely recommend Lowell Running to my best friend because you are getting a personalized training plan from an Olympian who knows all of the ins and outs. I have had absolutely no complaints with Lowell Running.

Keon V.  (2019 Boston Marathon Qualifier – Weymouth, MA)

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