Baystate Marathon Coaching & Running Clinics

2019 Baystate Marathon, Half Marathon & Half Marathon Relay

October 20, 2019  – Lowell, Massachusetts

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Option 1: 16-WEEK READY-MADE PLAN ($24.95)

Plan Description: The “Ready-Made” Plans are structured into 4 ability levels: Just Finish, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced based on the amount of mileage the athlete is able to do. Each athlete is able to download the entire schedule to a mobile device. Using your Final Surge log in, we will be able to link your training plan to your profile. There are no interaction with coaches, however, the plans are detailed well enough so that you have all the tools that you need. These plans are sold “as is”.

Daily workout reminders Coaching Guidelines included in your training plan

Access to LowellRunning resource library

The Final-Surge app for your workout plan on-the-go

Training plan sign-in access via

Printable version option for your training plan

Cost Effective: one-time payment, no monthly subscription.

Customer service/ troubleshooting support through Lowell Running


2019 Baystate Half Marathon Plan (Ready Made)                          All Levels Available 16 weeks $24.95 BUY NOW
2019 Baystate Marathon Plan (Ready Made) All Levels Available 16 weeks $24.95 BUY NOW


Plan Description: The Season Pass is an athlete centered and coach driven fully individualized plan where the coach and the athlete can work on a weekly basis to make any alterations to the training schedule as needed.

Weekly individualized coaching schedule, training analysis and direct feedback on workouts

Unlimited adjustments to schedule based on your personal needs

Daily workout reminders via text message and/or emails

Access to Lowell Running resource library

Access to Final Surge app and third party training schedule via your phone’s calendar

Access to training log via

Optional printable PDF version of your training schedule

Goal setting and race strategy formulation

Customer service/support through Lowell Running

Discounts to a variety of our partners (footwear, apparel, massage etc)

2019 Baystate Half Marathon (Individualized) All Levels Available 16 weeks $199 BUY NOW
2019 Baystate Marathon (Individualized) All Levels Available 16 weeks $199 BUY NOW

Training Plan Evaluations *

Level of Customer Services: 9.2 out of 10

Found Clinics Helpful: 100%

Satisfied with Race Performance: 95%

Likely to Enroll in Future Plans: 95%

Would Recommend to a Friend: 100%Based on survey conducted following the 2018 Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon

Testimonials/Success Stories from 2018 Baystate 

35-Minute PR at Baystate Marathon

” This was a challenging plan but a good plan. The balance of life, work, family and training is always a struggle. I had some troubles with speed work as i often over work the hamstrings but i was able to adjust. I would like to thank Lowell Running Company for making this my strongest of 6 marathons by far. My plan was aggressive but I did what I could to fit it into my busy life. The results were a strong finish and a PR for me. I would certainly use this program again. ” – Tim O. from Gilford, NH

First Time Marathoner Finisher

” I loved the app’s integration into my Google Calendar, it made it easy to keep track of my training. I don’t think I would have been as well prepared (except for the weather, but you can’t control nature) without Ruben and this training plan. This was my first marathon, so I decided to get a coach and have a training plan. The app had some bugs, but nothing that was moderately inconveniencing. The workouts were well explained and Ruben was always a couple of clicks away if need be. I completed about 80% of the prescribed training, and I felt incredibly well prepared. If the weather had been better, I’m sure I would have run faster, but I finished and that was my goal.” – Rachel H. from Lowell, MA

Sub 4 Hour Marathon Goal

” Thank you thank you thank you!!!! That was the most unbelievable feeling to break 4 hours and run such a strong marathon – I never felt my energy (neither mental nor physical) wane. I have been trying for 6-7 years to get close to 4 hours and I can’t believe I finally finished under 4 (and beat my first marathon time of 4:06 18 years ago!!!!!) The running program you wrote was so amazing. I hope I can use your coaching for my next race – whether half or full! Your running clinics and messages with the blogs were so informative and positive and inspiring I just kept working harder and harder. I can’t wait to see what I can do next!! I truly can’t thank you enough! ” -Marla C. from Andover, MA


Clinic 1: 


6:30-7:00 Meet & Greet
7:00-8:00 Presentation
8:00-8:30 Q & A
Location: Whirlaway Sports Center (500 Merrimack St, Methuen, MA )
Date: Wednesday – June 26, 2019
Guest Speaker: TBA

Clinic 2: 


6:30-7:00 Meet & Greet
7:00-8:00 Presentation  
8:00-8:30 Q & A
Location: Whirlaway Sports Center (500 Merrimack St, Methuen, MA )

Date: Monday – August 5, 2019
Guest Speaker: TBA

Clinic 3: 


6:30-7:00 Meet & Greet
7:00-8:00 Presentation  
8:00-8:30 Q & A
Location: Whirlaway Sports Center (500 Merrimack St, Methuen, MA )
Date: Monday – September 9, 2019
Guest Speaker: TBA

Lowell Running

About Lowell Running, LLC – Lowell Running Company is a full service professional coaching firm specializing in individual and group training for runners. The mission of Lowell Running Company is to provide easily accessible, affordable and quality training programs that can be customized to fit each runner’s needs. The company provides a variety of coaching services to individuals such as: Standard Coaching Plans, Coaching Consultations, Private In-Person Coaching as well as Ready-Made Training Plans. In addition, Lowell Running Company also provides business-to-business services to road race management firms looking to add professional coaching services and running clinics as add-on features to their event registrations.

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