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  • Noreen Waddell (3/4/2019)
    Many athletes I interview took up running for similar reasons – either they started in high school and kept with it, or they started later in life due to a health scare.  Noreen Waddell started running for much more pragmatic reasons.  It was 1987 and she was a junior at Salem State University with no car.  If she wanted to get to the gym, she had to run there. Fast forward to today, and Noreen is still running in the Northshore area of Massachusetts.  A native of Newburyport, she tries to run in the Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler every year.  The race is an annual tradition held the Tuesday evening during Yankee Homecoming week, during the last few days of July and first few of August, in the city.  (continue reading).



“Cool down miles ” is published by Wendy Jepson to highlight hardworking Lowell Running athletes in and outside of running


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