Custom Training Plan

Custom Training Plans  are perfect for those who just need a focused training segment for a specific race. You tell us your racing plans and we’ll create a schedule just for you! Each athlete is able to download the entire schedule to a mobile device. Using your Final Surge log in, we will be able to link your training plan to your profile. There are no interaction with coaches, however, the plans are detailed well enough so that you have all the tools that you need. These plans are sold “as is”. If you need help choosing a plan, contact us.

  • Daily workout reminders
  • Coaching Guidelines included in your training plan
  • Access to LowellRunning resource library
  • The Final-Surge app for your workout plan on-the-go
  • Training plan sign-in access via
  • Printable version option for your training plan
  • Cost Effective: one-time payment, no monthly subscription.
  • Customer service/ troubleshooting support through Lowell Running