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  • Coach Matt Chittim (2/23/2019): Rambling Runner Podcast #141: Matt has a pre-race conversation with a runner he is coaching. Seth Baird is a gifted athlete with an effervescent personality. They discuss his race strategy heading into the Charlotte 10 miler with a focus on uphill racing, starting under control, and settling into threshold pace. At the end of the episode, Matt gives a race recap of what Seth was able to do. 

  • Coach Ruben Sança (1/14/2019): Cloud 259 Episode #80: Ruben Sança, who ran the 5000m at the 2012 Olympics for Cape Verde, is aiming to hit the 2020 Olympic Qualifying Standard in the marathon while helping others get up to speed through his work at Lowell Running. We speak with Ruben, and eye the indoor track comings and goings, including turnover at the Nike Oregon Project and the return of Edward Cheserek to the Millrose Games Wanamaker Mile.

  • Coach Nate Jenkins (8/8/2018): Cloud 259 Episode #69: Coach/guru Nate Jenkins explains why marathons are less of a crapshoot than we think, and weighs in on all the fuss over the Nike Vaporfly 4% shoes.

  • Coach Nate Jenkins (7/18/2018): Cloud 259 Episode #67: Heat be damned, the countdown is on, as fall marathon training kicks off for some and kicks into high gear for others. In Episode 67 Nate Jenkins channels his inner Sade to further Gregg’s revitalized effort to break three.

  • Coach Nate Jenkins (7/9/2018): Cloud 259 Episode #66: Gregg is getting serious about this 2:59 stuff and has hired 2:14 guy Nate Jenkins, our guest in Episode 66 (we first spoke with Nate in Episode 35), to take the reins on his training plan. With one week down under the plan and 10 to go before the Sept. 16 Berlin Marathon, Gregg describes his first assignment: 12 x one mile at marathon pace, with a relatively swift recovery between reps. We geek out on the details.

  • Coach Nate Jenkins (7/8/2018): Let’s Get Running Podcast #46: Nate, who is devising Shaun’s training plan for the race, talks about ‘Canova’ style training- the Italian coach who is partly behind the domination of Kenyan runners at the Marathon.

  • Coach Ruben Sança (7/4/2018): Final Surge Podcast #88: Ruben discusses how he  got into running, his move to the United States, and how he started his coaching business, the Lowell Running Company which has partnered with the Baystate Marathon to provide training for its participants.

  • Coach Nate Jenkins (4/15/2015): Run Faster Podcast #7: Nate talks about his interpretation of Renato Canova’s training system and how he’s implemented that into his training.  He also discusses his use of workouts like Aussie Quarters and the Mona Fartlek.

  • Coach Nate Jenkins (2/23/2015): Cloud259 Episode #35: If ever there was an inspiring comeback story, we’ve got one in Nate Jenkins, who hopes to make a long-awaited return to the marathon in Boston on April 20. Years after finishing 7th at the Olympic Trials in 2007 and losing coordination in one of his legs, Nate discusses his long recovery, his current training, and his hopes for Hopkinton.

  • Coach Nate Jenkins (3/12/2014): Running On Om Podcast #24: Nate discusses his running background, from how he began running to his transition to professional running. Nate recounts the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon where he ran 2:14, placing seventh and ahead of Olympic silver medalist Meb Keflezighi. Nate discusses his journey with injuries and how yoga has helped him stay injury-free. Lastly, Nate shares what races are ahead for 2014.


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